Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretty in pink...

After nearly 3 years of waiting, I finally moved into my home a couple weekends ago. It was a real fixer-upper, and I am extremely blessed to have a father & brothers who have turned it into something wonderful.

One of my favorite parts about it, is I now have a studio! :o) This afternoon I tried it out for size as I took my niece's 3 month photos. We captured some of her siblings as well.

Here's a peek...

This little peanut made her grand entrance quite late, but is such a joy in all of our lives. I can't wait to see what life brings!

But it seems I'm a bit ahead of myself here...let's take a trip back...

After waiting an extra 12 days she made her {grand} arrival on March 1st!

A few days later she had her very first {official} photo shoot. :o)

And I've been taking photos of her regularly ever since!

2 Weeks Old

6 weeks later...

2 Months Old

Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?? :o)

So welcome to the family little one... I hope you're used to my camera by now, because the fun has just begun!