Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak peeks...

Here are some sneak peeks from my adventurous day! I promised to post these before I catch my flight tomorrow morning to Phoenix, Arizona. :o)

Take a look...

I started out my day meeting Baby E. She is such a sweet heart. :o)

{7 days new}
 I splashed in some puddles with these little boys. How fun!

 And finished off with pictures of this soon-to-be-2 year old darling girl.

I don't think my day could have possibly been more fun. Enjoy your sneak peeks! I'll try and post more while I'm away. :o)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A reminder of home...

A year ago when I started this blog, I wrote about my love for travel. Well, I don't think that will ever change. I don't have the need for exotic locations, or far away lands to fulfill my desires. I'm not saying I wouldn't love to dream has always been to make a trip to Australia. If things work out, I may have an excuse to get a passport, and a reason to get a stamp in it next year, but that's a story for another day... 

My travels tend to revolve more around the people than the place. The place often times becomes the bonus. Each destinations has a family member, or friend of whom I enjoy spending time with. It satisfies my craving to go, let's me step out of the real world (even for just a moment), and sometimes I find that a little piece of home will do just the trick.

My destination was Tennessee, the people were dear friends. Our families are 2 of a kind. We grew up together, not far from each other when we were young, and were sad to see them go. We've made many trips there as a family, but this year it was just myself & my little sister. I love that 4 states away, I feel like I'm at home. Children running everywhere, sometimes a dozen conversations at once, but mostly quality time spent together.

I must say that the highlight of my time there was taking photos. Anytime there are 10 children ages 6 & under there is bound to be an adventure (or 5!). It was definitely a fun challenge (one I often face with my own family), and one I was up for.


Getting every member of their family a single location...was the hardest part of all. Something I understand well. :o) We celebrated over finding a small area of grass (with bonus trees & even a few rocks!) on the edge of the parking lot that worked just fine!
10 cousins & counting (next arrival due in December). I love it. :o)
 Another year, and a few more memories made. :o)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where it began...

I had my housewarming party this past Sunday. It was such a joy to show everyone my {new} home. Most have heard about it, but few had seen it....and pictures never did do it justice. :o)

I also enjoyed showing everyone my portrait studio. A once talked about dream, now a reality. "So, when did you start taking pictures?" was pretty much the question of the day. My answer was the typical... "about 2 years ago I started doing it 'for real' since my Nanny position goes to part-time during the summer". Well that's really only 1/2 an answer.

I remember like it was yesterday. Christmas morning, 11 years old, I received my very first camera. A black 110mm camera. Best Christmas ever. Now that I think of it, my Mom was smart to buy it for me. She was busy being Mom, I was busy capturing her memories. Best choice ever. I was willing to do just about anything (chores, babysitting, etc) to get film/developing, so I believe the benefit went both ways.

Flash forward a year, Christmas morning. I opened a small box with 35mm film in it...oops...Dad missed the little star symbol on it (Mom's way of letting him know it's a "big" gift) be opened last...and in a certain order. My heart jumped just a little, first because I knew what was coming next, but also because Mom screamed "not that one first" out of nowhere. BEST Christmas ever. I still have that purple camera. In a box. Tape holding the battery compartment closed.

Well, I guess they figured they had something good going. The following Christmas, I received my very first Nikon 35mm camera. Dad got the order right this time, my mouth dropped in disbelief, Better than BEST Christmas ever.

I'm pretty sure I had become "one" with my camera for most of my teenage years. I know my family got sick of all of my brilliant photo ideas. My younger siblings all suffered through hours of "playing portrait studio". You know: blankets for backdrops, piano bench for posing, and fake flowers for props. I'll spare them the embarrassment of posting them, boy were they something!

Unfortunately my Nikon's shutter broke, and maybe just a little piece of my heart with it. I got an 'automatic' 35mm Pentax with my high school graduation money, but it never was the same. With college came my busy years, and also my I don't have any money years. But in 2006, 36 hours changed my life. :o)

My niece was born, and twin nephews followed by literally 36 hours. I couldn't even find my Pentax (sad-I know), so I went crazy with disposable cameras for as long as I could take it, and went digital for the first time ever. When it broke less than 2 years later (clearly overused!), I took a leap and got my 2nd favorite Nikon. Best purchase ever.

My Nikon & I are attached at the hip. When new nieces & nephews arrive, my flash is the traditional "welcome to the family".

So I'm pretty sure my parents never expected this outcome of a little black 110mm camera, but because of 1 purchase, I hope to captures years of Best pictures ever. :o)

Just a few applicable pictures...

The 3 babies that changed my life! Taken in 2006 with my first digital camera. :o)
The photo that changed my life. Taken in 2008 shortly after I got my new Nikon. It also won my very first ribbon for photography...2nd place at the local fair.
A few more, figuring out my style (and my logo). :o)

These next 3 are some of my favorites, and started my love for close-ups. All taken in 2008.

A family classic taken in 2009. :o)
My very first newborn collage also taken in 2009.
I'm pretty sure this was the day I decided to be a "real" photographer. It was no longer a dream of "what if" but "I can". Taken in 2010
And this little girl made me realize my love of newborn photography. Taken in 2010.
This photo won me my very first Blue ribbon at the local fair. I was thrilled. :o)
Smiles...memories...Best gift ever. Taken this afternoon. :o)