Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak peeks...

Here are some sneak peeks from my adventurous day! I promised to post these before I catch my flight tomorrow morning to Phoenix, Arizona. :o)

Take a look...

I started out my day meeting Baby E. She is such a sweet heart. :o)

{7 days new}
 I splashed in some puddles with these little boys. How fun!

 And finished off with pictures of this soon-to-be-2 year old darling girl.

I don't think my day could have possibly been more fun. Enjoy your sneak peeks! I'll try and post more while I'm away. :o)


Laura Lee said...

Love them all! But I so excited to see more of the rain pictures! Have a fun time :)

cindy watterson said...

Isn't she beautiful?

Cindy Watterson