Saturday, October 29, 2011

2 days new...

I am now "Aunt Kristin" x13...and loving every minute of it! Though this little guy may not technically be my nephew, I'm still in love. :o)

My little sister (though not so 'little' anymore) has become my official newborn photography assistant. She's incredible! I just thought everyone should know. :o) She & I spent the afternoon at our cousin's house taking photos of their new little addition. I could have stayed all day just to hold him.

Here's a sneak peek from his session. Enjoy...

Big Brother!

Hat can be purchased from Hometown Harmony :o)
More to come. :o)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 days new...

Yesterday I had my 7th newborn session this year! I'm finding the more I do, the more I love them. There's something so sweet about spending time with newborns. I honestly cannot get enough of them. As I expressed to this little guys family, I have 11 nieces & nephews, and it really doesn't get old. I fall in love instantly with each one, and I think this will continue to hold true with my newborn sessions as well. :o)

This little man is 5 days new. He is so incredibly sweet, I cannot wait to share all the images with his family. Take a peek...

This hat is from Hometown Harmony..a new favorite of mine!
 I love baby smiles.

Welcome to the world little one! We're glad to have you here. :o)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Snips and snails, And puppy dog tails...

That's what little boys are made of. :o)

My cousins are awaiting the arrival of their second boy. :o) I have (by default of having so many nieces & nephews) become 'Aunt Kristin' to their first born. His mom & I decided that 'Miss Kristin' was weird since we're related, but just 'Kristin' wouldn't do, as we were both raised with that extra bit of respect by adding 'Mr' or 'Miss' to an adults name. So Aunt Kristin I am.... x12....soon to be x13. :o)

This little guy was so excited to come over to my house, because aparently my house was where little brother was going to make his appearance...umm, Mama & I both thought a hospital would be better equipped!

Take a look...

I am excited to meet baby brother, but not as excited as big brother is! :o)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spring ahead, fall behind...

I was pulling out my external considering what to title this post, and instantly I hear my Mother saying "spring ahead, fall behind." I'm sure that most of us use this little saying to remember which way to change our clocks each season. However, I'm now considering this in a new light. Fall is my busiest season, for obvious reasons, as families are excitedly capturing memories for personal keepsakes, gifts for family members, and Christmas cards to send out to loved ones. So I will definitely be 'falling behind' with my blogging over the next several weeks!

To go back a few months...(see, I'm already behind!). :o)

This sweetheart has quite the story. She was a late arrival (much like my niece!) and though I know it was tough for her Mama, I give her credit for being so patient. God was most definitely watching out for this little one and helped her parents make the right decisions during her birth that saved her life. I still get teary thinking about it, remembering how her Grandma told me her story, as I know how much joy she brings them. Life definitely wouldn't be the same without her...

Their miracle. :o)

I'm looking forward to having her in my studio again soon!