Sunday, August 28, 2011

35 weeks and counting...

One of the things I have come to love about my job is seeing familiar faces. It give me an 'excuse' to catch up with families I haven't seen in years, and since I'm always up for a good conversation, this job is good for me. :o)

I spent the better part of the evening with an old friend. She's expecting her first baby and couldn't be happier! It's hard to believe she's due in just 5 weeks, her belly is so tiny!

Take a look...

 Stay tuned for baby. :o)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best friends...

About a month ago, I had a session for 4 siblings surprising their parents for their anniversary, by having photos taken. One of the girls mentioned to me that she wanted to have a session for her & her best friend, who will be leaving for college this month, also as a surprise. We met up this morning and had some fun!

She opened her trunk & it was full of items that had been a part of their last 8 years of memory making!

Take a peek... :o)

Thank you for the crazy fun morning ladies! :o)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to celebrate...

I met the sweetest {almost} 2 year old before I left for Phoenix. She's a huge fan of Olivia, and had the props to prove it! I posted a sneak peek before, but take a look at a few more from her session. Such personality! :o)

For those of you unfamiliar with children's television shows, this is Olivia. :o)
Look at those sweet eyes!
Enough with the shoes & socks kind of girl!
Notice the hair-clip being pulled out in the bottom photo. Too cute!
Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Phoenix & back again...

I got home yesterday evening from my trip to Phoenix. I'm working on getting back into the groove of things, it's amazing how a 3 hour time difference can throw you off! I'm working on proofing today, but I'll be honest by saying it's been slow going. Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep quickly!

I get teased often that I'm never in photos, and by never I mean on very rare occasions. Typically I need to force a sibling behind the camera or my Mom insists that someone else take over. I don't hide from them anymore, but still only make it into a limited amount. It goes with being the family photographer I suppose!

Well, just in case anyone was curious as to who I am. I got one of my little brothers to take a picture for me. If you go to the Grand Canyon, I think it's mandatory that you get at least one. :o)

Hi, I'm Kristin...It's nice to meet you all. :o)

A picture of my family members who got to go. SO much fun!
So now that I've officially digressed, here are some more pictures from before I left. Enjoy. :o)

2 years old!

Brothers :o)

Class of 2012!

7 days new...

More to come this week. :o)