Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I expect my session to take? Sessions can last up to 2 hours for a regular session (3 hours for newborn sessions). They usually average around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes depending on the size of your family.

2. Can we bring a change of outfit? Absolutely! For Senior portraits I encourage having multiple clothing choices. Just remember that changing outfits takes place within the 2 hour time frame, so keep that in mind so you're spending more time getting pictures than changing. :o)

3. Can I bring my own ideas for poses? Please do. I am happy to be able to capture specific poses that you are interested in.

4. Can I bring my own props? Yes. Feel free to bring items that have special meaning to your family, or even a child's favorite toy.

5. Can we bring snacks or drinks? Yes you may, but please limit them to items that will not stain, or cause big messes (example: crackers, clear juices).

6. At what point do you reschedule an outdoor session due to weather? The only time I plan to reschedule is if it's raining, or too cold for young children. If it is overcast, often the lighting can be better than a bright sunny day. I will often plan an indoor session as a backup if that's of interest to you, otherwise we will simply reschedule for another day/time.

7. Why do you only offer Discs of images with your largest collection? I print all of your photos through a professional printing lab (ie: not Walmart, Snapfish, etc). This allows the best quality to be represented of my work, and your photos to not fade, and to last a lifetime. Therefore, I do offer it in my top collection along with a large quantity of prints. This way, your prints are the professional quality, but you will have the opportunity to have disc for keepsake purposes.

8. Can I reorder my photos in the next few years? Yes, I will not discard any of your sessions without notifying you first.