Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just like heaven...

By now it's no secret that newborn photography is my passion. My love for newborns began long before I picked up my first camera. I figure, being a big sister of 9, you either run for cover or embrace it. I guess you can say I fully embraced it. :) It would only make sense that my 2 loves would eventually collide.... and here we are.

Just a little glimpse into a newborn session: I prefer to have the session within the first 3-5 days of baby's birth. This is the perfect time period (in my opinion) to catch those sleepy, snuggly, sweet poses. I bring my whole set up right to Mom & Dad. Why leave home when you can sit down and relax while having these sweet memories captured?

This week I got to meet my newest client. He was my 4th baby boy to be photographed within 4 days!! (I'll be posting the other ones soon). This little man was a champ. He slept the entire session, and gave me just about every shot I wanted.

Take a peek...

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