Thursday, February 24, 2011

Waiting on baby...

So I figured that by now I would've had my 3rd newborn session this month, but I find myself sitting at home with nothing to do on a Thursday night thinking about my sister-in-law. Today she is 41 weeks pregnant...yes, 41...and still waiting. Whether the baby is a girl or boy is yet to be known, and somehow that just makes the waiting just a bit more exciting (and harder)!

In the meantime, since we've got nothing but time...I figured the least I could do is write a blog about her, and hopefully pick up her spirits. :o)

So one thing you have to understand about my family is this....they love having photos taken more than anyone in this world, about as much as the next person. The end result always makes it worth while, but I don't think they'll ever realize how easy they have it...unless I just quit taking pictures. Let's just be honest here...that will never happen!

So, in honor of waiting, let's take a look at a few months ago...

A picture just for fun... :o)
That's a little better!

The professional 'Big Sister'
The side-kick
The soon-to-be Big Brother :o)

 And getting just a little more recent...

It's hard to believe those were 5 weeks ago!

So hang in there Laura, before you know it I'll be moving into your house for a day and I'll be writing a blog about you're beautiful new baby {girl/boy}, and being the baby-hogging auntie I'm know for....

and of course taking an over-abundance amount of photos!

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